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We Install and Service All Generator Brands

When the power goes out, there’s no reason you should be left in the dark, especially if you have a heating or emergency system which runs on electrical power. Stay active during a power outage with a backup power generator! Cravens Electric is an expert, and an authorized Kohler dealer, in both manual and automatic backup generators. We can install a new generator onto your grid that suits your needs, or we can service your existing generator to make sure it’s running properly in the event of an emergency.

Two Types of Generators

  • Manual – These generators require you to run outside and start them up manually. It’s a good idea to place important equipment on a UPS battery to give you the time needed to start the generator.
  • Automatic – As soon as power failure is detected, automatic emergency generators will turn and begin supplying your home with power. Ideal for homes with important electrical devices such as data monitors or medical equipment.

Cravens Electric is an Authorized Kohler Dealer

Cravens Electric, the most requested electrical service company in Houston, is proud to announce that we are authorized Kohler Dealers. Kohler Generators are the most efficient and well-built generators on the market. Kohler offers the most comprehensive power solutions for commercial, industrial and residential power applications and emergency electric power generation.

Cravens Electric can help you choose the right Kohler products for your specific applications. If you are looking to have a standby home generator installed to bring power to your home during a power outage, we can help. Cravens Electric will install a Kohler generator outside of your home that will automatically start within seconds of a power outage whether you are at home or away. You won’t have to worry about refueling your generator as Kohler generators run on propane or natural gas.

We can advise you on what kind of generator to get based on your home and requirements, and, as an authorized dealer, we can also supply and install a generator that fits your needs. Don’t wait until after the lights go out.

Call Cravens Electric at (713) 485-0468 to get your backup power today!