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Let Cravens Electric Protect Your Entire Home from Dangerous Surges & Spikes!

Many power strips employ surge protection to protect your home devices, but not everything you own is plugged in to a surge protector. Surges and spikes can come from anywhere at any time. There is always an initial surge of power when a switch is turned on but lightning strikes and issues at substations or power plants can send surges along the electrical grid that are harmful to electrical components. Anything which is connected to a wall outlet is at risk, and not all power strips include some form of surge protection.

Fortunately, Cravens Electric has your back. As the most requested electrician in Houston, we’re used to dealing with and preventing problems caused by electrical surges and spikes. We do professional installations of whole-house surge protection devices. These devices are incredibly inexpensive and can save you a great deal of money in the event of a dangerous power surge. With our fast and reliable support, you’ll never be without proper electrical protection.

UPS Power Quality

Don’t hesitate to call the dedicated professional electricians of Cravens Electric today! Our UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and whole-house surge protection systems give you the added insurance you want against power surges, spikes, and outages!

Call Cravens Electric, Houston’s most requested electricians, at (731) 485-0468.